Testing your Sports equipment

We can test any sports equipment


Prototype to Final Product

Test ….Measure….Certify.

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New equipment testing

We can test your new sports equipment to see if it meets to the standards set out by BS,ISO AND EN. This can be done in our laboratory or at your factory. Give us a call or email us now 

Testing since 1984

We have been testing and certifying equipment since 1984. We can help you from prototype to the finished equipment, and also testing your exsisting equipment to meet the standards set out by BS,EN and ISO Standards.

We have the expertise and passion to keep Safety paramount within Sports and Recreation so contact us now for more information and a quotation

Here at Cst-Global we can test a variety of Sports products;

Badminton posts, Swings, Wall Panels, Judo mats, Gym Mats, High jump mats,  Squash balls, Hockey Balls,  Goal Posts, Trampolines, Table tennis table, Hammer cages, and many more.

Below are a few we have tested recently;