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We can also offer Consultancy services and Key stage testing for Sports facilities. 

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The testing services of CST have been retained by more than 500 companies in this specialised field. Our Company can assist in many areas of testing

Product/Sports Equipment/ Play Equipment Testing within our Laboratory or  testing on site at your Factory or desired location

Our laboratories conduct product testing for all the major European and North American producers and installers of synthetic surfaces. Routine quality control testing of samples from site installation of sports facilities forms another important segment of the business and testing for overseas suppliers and installers of these systems comprises a third and rapidly growing aspect of its services.

In addition to a comprehensive range of basic laboratory test capabilities, we are equipped with the necessary specialised test apparatus to test synthetic sports and games surfaces to the following requirements:

BS EN 15330 PART 1 – Surfaces for sports areas Synthetic Turf and Needle-punched surfaces primarily designed for outdoor use ALL SECTIONS

BS 7044 Artificial sports Surfaces   – ALL SECTIONS

BS 7188 ‘Methods of Test for Impact Absorbing Playground Surfaces’ – ALL SECTIONS

EN 1177 ‘Impact Absorbing Playground Surfacing – safety requirements and test methods’ – ALL SECTIONS

EN14904 – Surfaces for sports areas – Indoor surfaces for multi-sports use – Specification

DIN 18032 Part 2 ‘Sports Hall – Gym floors’ – MOST SECTIONS

DIN 18035 Part 6 ‘Sports Grounds – Synthetic Surfacing’ – MOST SECTIONS

DIN 18035 Part 7 ‘Sports Grounds – Synthetic Turf Areas’ – MOST SECTIONS

ASTM F355 ‘Shock Absorbing Properties of Playing Surface Systems and Materials’ – ALL SECTIONS

ASTM F1292 ‘Impact Attenuation of Surface Systems Under and Around Playground Equipment’ – ALL SECTIONS

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GOVERNMENT OF HONG KONG ‘Specification for Impact Absorbing Matting’ – ALL SECTIONS

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EN ‘Categories of Netball Court and Surface Performance Requirements’ – ALL SECTIONS

ITF ‘An Initial ITF Study on Performance Standards for Tennis Court Surfaces’ – ALL SECTIONS

FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION Performance Standards for Artificial Grass Pitches – ALL SECTIONS