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BS EN 748:2013+A1:2018

BS 8462:2005+A2:2012


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BS 7976-2:2002 +A1:2013

For Sports, Construction, Public spaces, Retail, Accident and Insurance Investigations.


Important Customer Information

With the world continuing to face unprecedented levels of uncertainty and the landscape changing so rapidly. Given the scale and impact that coronavirus (COVID-19) has had on our daily lives,  The health, safety and wellbeing of our valued colleagues, customers, their families are our Number 1 priority.

Our Administration and Operations managers are currently working remotely at home. There is currently onsite testing carried out with guidelines in place. Our Laboratory manager is still taking samples to be tested, in our East Midlands Lab under strict guidelines with health and safety. 

Given the fluid nature of this situation and uncertainty over the extent and length of the impact, we as a management team are keeping the situation under constant review. 

Welcome to CST-Global, Centre for Sports Technology.

Providing worldwide Independent Testing services for Sports & recreation facilities, materials and equipment since 1984
Our company has been established for over 30 years. Within this time we have gained a vast knowledge and seen many changes and advances within our business sector. We have lead the way in standards and certifications of Sports Surface testing and Sports equipment testing which have to be met to keep the safety of others.

We pride ourselves in our professional and efficient business services that we can offer to you 

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Our accreditation is limited to those activities described on our UKAS schedule of accreditation found here.
The Centre for Sports Technology Ltd (CST) is the leading and longest established independent UK laboratory devoted solely to the testing of synthetic sports surfaces and sports equipment. With a total of seven experienced senior scientific staff, it has available more than 100 man-years’ experience of testing synthetic sports surfaces, both in the laboratory and on site.
Its work extends over athletics tracks, synthetic turf pitches (hockey, football and multi-sports), tennis courts, bowls greens, netball and basketball courts, multi-sports areas, sports hall floorings, children’s playground surfacing and synthetic ski slopes. Since it was established in 1984, staff of CST have inspected and tested synthetic turf pitches and  athletics tracks, both in the UK and overseas, including the facilities for the Seoul, Barcelona, Atlanta and Sydney Olympic Tournaments, and the Vancouver, Kuala Lumpur and Manchester Commonwealth Games.

We can also offer Consultancy services and Key stage testing for Sports facilities. 

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Testing for Basketball Surfaces and Equipment

CST-Global are the Longest established and most experienced sports testing laboratory, testing equipment and surfaces from around the world. After months of collaborative development and planning FIBA have released their 2019 Approval programme for Basketball equipment and Surfaces. The focus being on safety and in-play performance.

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Pendulum slip testing

In accordance to BS 7976-2:2002+A1:2013, This is the preferred pedestrian slip test method recommended by the UK Health and Safety Executive and the current UK Slip Resistance Group Guidelines, Issue 4:2011. Slip resistance results measured using the pendulum test,  is the only evidence accepted by UK Courts in civil slip injury claims.

Goal Post Testing

We are accredited  to test Goals at our Goal post testing Facility, your factory or Onsite. We test to the new standards of

EN 16579:2018, BS EN  16579:2018 Annex A, 

BS EN 748:2013+A1:2018

BS 8462:2005+A2:2012

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3g Pitch Testing

If you have a 3g Pitch it has to be tested every 3 years to conform with FA standards. CST can perform this test for you. Contact us now for a quotation and an appointment.

World Athletics (WA) Track Test

As a manufacturer and supplier of synthetic sports surfaces, you will already be familiar with the testing and accreditation arrangements operated by WA. CST-Global is formally accredited by WA to test both Athletics surfacing products and track facilities, indoor and outdoor, to their published standards. Contact us now for your quotation and appointment.

ITF Court Test

CST-Global we are formally accredited by the ITF to test tennis court surfacing products to their classification system. Contact us now for your quotation and appointment.

IATP Facility Inspection

As a manufacturer or a indoor trampoline park, you will already be familiar with the safety and inspection under PAS 5000;2017 operated by The IATP. CST-Global is a approved inspector. Contact us now for your quotation and appointment.

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